NORTH BAY -- A North Bay husband-wife musical duo known as Northern Skylight are basking in the spotlight with the release of a new album.

The duo, Aimee Dayton and her husband Sean say they their musical inspiration is based off of the tough times people are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic and are trying to spread positivity through their musical gifts.

"There is a need for that right now. People want to be encouraged and people need hope. We all need hope," said Aimme Dayton is sings in the duo.

Northern Skylight released a new album titled "Acoustic Covers Vol. 1" and it's made up of 10 songs that were recorded in the Dayton's home. The songs are the Dayton's own rendition on famous songs and are meant to bring a smile to your face.

"When everything kind of hit back in March for a lot us, we thought what could we do to give back?" Stated Sean Dayton.

"We were inspired by the online global concerts."

Northern Skylight's cover album released moved into the top 5 on iTunes in the singer/songwriter genre.

Their covers of "What A Wonderful World" and "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" quickly became instant hits.

"For me, ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain?’ was very important to record," explained Aimee.

"It's kind of the season we're in right now. Right now, we feel like we're in a rain cloud all the time. But yet, there can be beauty in that."

Their music has been heard over 100,000 times since the album was released.

"At first, it was like 'maybe our family members will get a kick out of it and enjoy it.' But then, when it goes beyond that, it is pretty cool," said Sean.

Despite just releasing their album, the Daytons are already looking ahead to the future to record more songs to include in future acoustic volume sets.

"If we can have someone listen to a song and have hope, that's the end goal," said Sean.

The duo also released music videos of them performing their songs on their YouTube page.