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North Bay hosts Canadian Junior Boys Golf Championship


The North Bay Golf and Country Club is hosting this year’s Canadian Junior Boys National Championship.

“It’s probably one of the biggest in North Bay history and all of northern Ontario,” said course manager Jeff Mancini.

“I believe Timberwolf hosted this same event a few years back … So just to have the top junior boys in the country here for a national championship is very special.”

There are 156 players in the tournament ages 14-18 with at least one player from each province.

“These are the top kids in the country, potentially future scholarship winners, and some of these young men are already committed to U.S. scholarships, as well,” said Mancini.

“There’s potential we may see some of them as PGA pros and in the ranks in the future.”

Tournament officials said North Bay’s course has been shaping up to be a good challenge for the players but also one they’re enjoying.

“All the staff, volunteers and greens crew have done great this week to set up the course,” said Daniel Suppa, tournament director with PGA of Canada.

“It’s in great condition, a lot of the kids and parents have said great compliments. We really appreciate their hard work and the dedication and passion to hosting this week.” Top Stories


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