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North Bay Granite Tennis Club considers adding indoor courts


By 2025, the North Bay Granite Tennis Club could have indoor tennis and pickleball courts.

Fransua Rachmann, a coach at the tennis club, said they are evaluating the level of interest in the plan.

"If we can get 150 people who are interested in these courts, we will get more than just signatures -- basically these people are putting down a deposit for their future membership at these courts," said Rachmann.

Miller & Urso, a company in North Bay, has offered to do the majority of the development work, which would save the tennis club thousands of dollars. Rachmann said surveying they have completed showed a new facility would fit on the property.

"For the moment, the preliminary plans show that we can go tall enough to make it two floors, to add washrooms or a viewing area that will be great for events," he said.

There’s also hope to host more events in the future.

"We’re planning to do some more events during the summer," Rachmann said. "It’s so difficult when you want to do a tournament and it rains the whole weekend or the weather is not good for it, it becomes impossible to play outside."

Rachmann told CTV News the club has until the end of the month to get 150 signatures so that the project can move to the next step. Top Stories

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