With the fire danger at a high level now, the North Bay Fire Service has been knocking on doors in rural areas of the city.

It's part of the department's Fire Smart Program.

Fire officials in North Bay say they are on standby to send help to the Temagami area should conditions get worse, but in the meantime they're continuing to raise Fire Smart awareness closer to home.

They are hoping to lower the risk of dangerous or out-of-control wildfires through a public education campaign in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

Firefighters are assisting homeowners in North Bay to complete a wildland fire risk assessment of their property.

The focus is to eliminate as many risks possible, of a wildfire starting.

Mike Bechard is the Deputy Chief of North Bay Fire and Emergency Services.

"A fire can breach into an area fairly quickly. We've seen it in Fort McMurray, and the community of North Bay actually has a very large wildland area, and you have some years we get a lot of moisture, some not so much. This year we're not getting as much moisture as we have in the past." said Bechard.

The City of North Bay and surrounding areas are still under an open fire and fireworks ban and officials say they don't see that changing if dry weather conditions stay the same.