NORTH BAY -- At this time, people are focused on staying safe when it comes to COVID-19, but now is not the time to forget about fire safety according to North Bay fire officials.

Earlier this week, the North Bay fire department sent out a news release reminding everyone about the importance of preventing unintentional home fires by being prepared.

"Regardless of the circumstances, additional time at home with family members provides an excellent opportunity to discuss fire safety and review your home fire escape plan," said North Bay Fire Chief Jason Whiteley.

Aside from knowing what to do if there is a fire, keeping on top of preventative measures, like making sure that your electronic cords are in good condition and testing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, are key to keeping your family safe from potential fires according to Chief Whiteley. 

He says that North Bay fire officials are doing their best to protect the community in light of the current situation and the best way to help is by doing all that you can to practice fire safety at home. 

You can learn more about what you can do to protect your home and your family from fires or carbon monoxide poisoning by contacting the North Bay Fire and Life Safety Division at 705-474-5662.