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North Bay Farmers' Market returns outdoors for the summer

North Bay Farmers' Market will be located at the North Bay Museum for the next 25 weeks. This year's market will have 75 local vendors set up.

“We’re here regardless of whatever the weather is because we recognize that a lot of our vendors, especially our produce guys offer something to the community that you can’t get anywhere else which is guaranteed local fresh produce that was grown within 100km of North Bay,” said Dillon Stroup, the market's manager.

“If the community relies on us to make sure they can get that every week we make sure we’re here every week regardless of the weather.” 

Stroup said 14 new vendors joined the market this year and the majority include those who sell produce and baked goods.

“Meeting people, getting our products into the hands of people, and sharing our fresh produce with them as well,” said first-time vendor Veronica Mulligan, from Mully’s Farm.

“There’s so many people here, the foot traffic is amazing and you get your product out to a lot of consumers who are looking for something a bit different.”

The opening Saturday also saw a seed exchange event.

The market will run outdoors until Thanksgiving weekend.

For more information on the North Bay Farmers' Market, visit their Facebook page. Top Stories

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