NORTH BAY -- A hotel employee is being hailed as a hero by a North Bay family after he helped reunite them with their dog, who ran off during a walk in the Laurier Woods.

Ana-Marie Rice, her family and 12-year-old Alaskan Husky "Maj" were taking a Mother's Day stroll through the woods when her son, who was holding the leash, tripped.

That's when Maj made a dash for it.

"One bad fall and she just kept on doing what she used to do I guess," said Rice.

Rice is referring to is Maj's past. She is a former sled dog. The family chased after her but couldn't match her speed.

They tried calling out to her, but Maj is almost fully deaf, so the family believes she couldn't hear the commands to come back.

"We weren't really left with many options," said Rice.

"It was getting later in the day and darker. We were starting to worry."

Maj trotted off alone for about three kilometres, until she reached The Holiday Inn Express & Suites hotel on Seymour Street, where she walked in with another family checking in.

Hotel employee, Brandon Parent, was working at the time and realized the dog didn't belong with that family and took care of her until he could reach her owners.

"I tried to be as friendly as possible, while still looking around for an owner," said Parent.

"But, she could tell that I was a nice, friendly face for her."

The family posted photos of Maj on a local Facebook page that helps reconnect lost pets with their owners called 'Buster's Page'.

This is how they discovered Maj was at the hotel.

When they found her, they were overjoyed.

"He could have easily shrugged it off and made it somebody else's problem, but he chose to keep her with him," said Rice.

"I think I must have said 'Thank you' about six or seven times."

Parent says he doesn't feel like a hero at all, but insists he is happy everything turned out alright and that Maj was reunited with her owners.

"Being a dog lover and dog owner myself and being around animals, I knew this furry little friend that walked into our hotel was lost," said Parent.

It's a story that Brandon, the Rice family and Maj will not soon forget, as every dog has its day.