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North Bay cruise ship will soon be back on Lake Nipissing

The Chief Commanda in North Bay is typically in Lake Nipissing by the end of April, but this year due to some updates and renovations, the boat won’t be in the water for another week or so.

The final stages of updates are being and the boat’s captain said it’s the first time in 47 years the Chief has been renovated.

We’re putting in two brand new, more efficient diesel engines,” Rich Stivrins told CTV News.

“It’s an exciting project, but a big project -- it’s been about two and a half years to get from start to finish ... We also did more energy efficient lighting on board and we had to cut holes in the decks to get the old engines out and new engines in, so we’re redoing the flooring on the main deck.”

Stivrins said the updates will have many positive impacts and guests will immediately notice the changes once on board.

“With the environmental push happening right now, we wanted to do our part, too, so going from a tier 0 diesel to a tier 2 will significantly lower the amount of carbon that we’re putting out,” he said.

“It’s going to be a much quieter, cleaner ride and I think folks are really going to enjoy it.”

This will be Stivrins’ 20th year behind the wheel and he said the boat is still quite the tourism attraction, year in, year out.

“We bring a lot of folks to town,” he said.

“Either specifically coming up to this or they add it to their stay, and extend their time here. I might be a little biased but I think it’s the best way to get out and see the area.”

Stivrins said the chief will be in Lake Nipissing sailing with the boat full of people starting June 2. Top Stories

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