NORTH BAY -- Bicycle lanes are coming to North Bay's Memorial Drive Lake Nipissing Waterfront very soon.

Part of the city's transportation master plan, the moved was adopted by council last year to make the streets more friendly for cyclists.

"We want to put these bike lanes in as much areas of the city as we can to keep people safe," said Mayor Al McDonald.

The city chose to put one on Memorial Drive to allow people who commute by bike to use the street. It's intended for those who cycle faster than most, compared to the Kate Pace Way, which is typically used for recreational cycling and jogging.

The bike lanes will be painted after June 15 and will be ready for use shortly after that.

 "We're just trying to separate those two crews to make sure that it works for everyone and it does open up our trails for more users," said McDonald.

Travis Murphy, vice-president of the North Bay Mountain Bike Association, said the addition will allow cyclists to stay safe and use Memorial Drive every day.

"This allows users to ride to trailheads, work, dinner, get groceries, engage in active social events and much, much more," said Murphy. "We at the North Bay Mountain Bike Association are definitely on board. More people on bikes is a wonderful thing."

The city is also actively looking at extending the Kate Pace Way with lanes down Main St. West. McDonald said the masterplan outlines a few other areas the city is looking at for future bicycle lanes.