NORTH BAY -- Following an intentional fire set at the North Bay Walmart nearly two weeks ago, the store remains closed with no reopening date on the calendar yet.

Officials with Walmart Canada confirmed this week that "there is no specific target reopening date at this point." However, the goal is to reopen the store as soon as possible.

According to a spokesperson, the arson "caused extensive damage" when the fire was set on Nov. 20. Due to this, "a large team of workers from both the North Bay Area, as well as other parts of Ontario are currently working on the repair."

Although Walmart Canada won't confirm how many workers are from out of town, officials said that extensive COVID-19 safety protocols, as well as construction safety protocols, are in place. This includes wellness checks, personal protective equipment, physical distancing and regular hand sanitizing on top of the regular construction guidelines.

Although the store does remain closed, the store's pharmacy and vision centre are still open to some degree.

Patients looking to utilize those two services are expected to call ahead and make special arrangements.

Walmart Pharmacy: 705-472-4877

Vision Centre: 705-472-1704