The three-day bail hearing for the man accused of murdering Renee Sweeney in 1998 wrapped up Thursday, February 21 in Sudbury court.

Because of the imposed publication ban on the case, no details from the hearing can be released, however, no decision on whether or not to grant bail has been made yet.

The judge in this case is reserving his decision and will deliver it on March 27th.

CTV News will continue to follow the court process and will provide updates as they become available.


A bail hearing at the Sudbury courthouse for the man accused of a murder that happened 21 years ago is expected to wrap up Thursday, February 21. 

In December, police arrested Robert Steven Wright in North Bay, where he was working as a lab technician, and charged him with first-degree murder.

He's accused of stabbing Renee Sweeney to death in an adults only video store in Sudbury back in 1998.

There is no word on when the judge will release a decision.

CTV Northern Ontario's Alana Everson is following the story and will provide an update as new details emerge.

A court-ordered publication ban is in place, which prevents the media from reporting on any evidence at the hearing.


Tuesday, February 19 was the first day of a scheduled three-day bail hearing for a man accused of murdering Renee Sweeney over 20 years ago. 

The accused man, Robert Steven Wright, was before a judge trying to seek his freedom.  

He is facing one charge each of first-degree murder and possession of child pornography.

Wright is accused of stabbing Renee Sweeney to death at a Sudbury adult's only video store 21 years ago.

Investigators made the arrest in December and he is now seeking bail, pending a trial. He's been in custody at the Sudbury jail since his arrest.

CTV News is not allowed to report on the details that are coming out at the hearing, because of a court imposed publication ban.

Family members of both the victim and the accused attended day one of the hearing and listened to very difficult and violent details surrounding the case.

Several police officers, who have been involved in the case over the years, were also in attendance in the courtroom.  

The hearing is scheduled to last three days.

A decision on bail is expected Thursday, February 21.

For history of the case, including coverage from 1998, check out the Sweeney Murder File page.