SUDBURY -- The Nickel Blades on Ice Super Series with Skate Ontario event brought close to 300 skaters to the Countryside Arena. Figure skaters range between the ages of five to 25.

This event is organized by the Nickel Blades Skating Club.

"We’re very proud to host an event that’s local, that takes some of the costs and the pressures away from our skaters and we can’t be more thrilled to have a full house. Two ice pads full for two days with amazing skaters from all over the area," said Aila Lepage, with Nickel Blades Skating Club.

Local figure skaters say they’re happy to have this opportunity in their own backyard.

"It’s fun that we get to compete in Sudbury and because well we get to see behind the scenes how the competition happens and just be able to know that everyone is here with us," said Karina Schryer, skater with the Nickel Blades Skating Club.

Coaches with Nickel Blades Skating Club say skaters practiced six times each week leading up to this weekend.

"It’s a lot of work because there’s so many different elements in skating. There’s spins, jumps, there’s in between," said Samantha Bechard, Coach with the Nickel Blades Skating Club.

A total of 37 skating clubs are taking part in this competition.

"We always love to come up to Sudbury, they always put on a really great competition and the fact that we can bring all of our different levels, means that we can do really good team building for the club," said Christine Mantle-Marnoch, with the Huntsville Skating Club.

More than a hundred volunteers are helping out over the course of the two days, and organizers say his event would not be possible without them.

"I really enjoy working with the other parents of the skaters in our club, they’re very organized and enthusiastic and it’s just a lot of fun to be here," said Julie Aube, volunteer.

The skaters that do qualify have the opportunity to move onto the provincial championship in Belleville at the end of March.