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Newly renovated Stones Street Park playground unveiled in North Bay

A North Bay park that has been around since 1950 has received a major facelift and is now officially open.

A new playground, updated hockey rink boards, as well as new seating and walking area has the Stones Street Park looking good.

“I imagine it’s going to be very busy here, and that’s the intent, to make neighbourhoods within the community again and make sure kids have a safe place to play,” said North Bay mayor Peter Chirico.

“Right across the city, we’re seeing each one of those community playgrounds being revitalized. It’s well worth it -- it’s an investment in our kids.”

The project cost close to $225,000 and was part of the city’s parks master plan. It’s also sponsored by the North Bay Police Association.

“A lot of times people just see police officers as a uniform rather than a human being inside that uniform,” said North Bay Police Association president Vincent Corrente.

“That’s why we as members want to give back to the community and want to give back, especially to youth organizations.” Top Stories

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