TIMMINS -- Timmins and North Bay are getting ready to host a television game show production this summer.  It's called 'Pop Whiz' and it wants to test youths between the ages of 13 and 17 on their knowledge about popular culture.  

“This show is fun and it’s the spirit and a celebration of diversity and inclusiveness," said Sergio Gallinaro, producer.  

"So that means everything from different cultures (obviously within that age range), identity, orientation, bipoc ... the Indigenous community," 

Producers plan to record the Timmins episode in Gillies Lake Conservation Area and they've been working with the Timmins Economic Development Corporation to figure out the logistics.

“It’s looking for that real mixture of teens that are smart and that want to take part in this and have just that little bit of adventure and I think we have the teens that are willing to do that," said Noella Rinaldo.

The 'Pop Whiz' crew is currently hosting auditions in Timmins, North Bay, and Thunder Bay.  Shooting in Timmins is planned for mid-July, pending pandemic rules. 

It'll be a long drive from southern Ontario, but each episode will include unique stories.

“It starts with a little community profile piece and that’s going to be everything from covering the history, and some of the beauty that it has to offer to the peoples to the local business owner who’s been there for  four generations," explained Gallinaro.

“Timmins had all the stories that they’re looking for," added Rinaldo.  "We told them about the McIntyre Arena, we told them about the mining and what we about some of the great history that we have and they thought it was going to make for a great story line." 

Rinaldo said this show is another “big break” for Timmins after hosting the ‘Salvage Kings.’  She and the Timmins Economic Development team have weekly pitch sessions with 'Ontario Creates' and if all goes well this summer, she believes more television and film deals will happen.