SUDBURY -- The New Sudbury Centre has been working hard to fill some vacant store spaces during the pandemic, after some companies had to close their doors. One store that has moved in is a local shop called ‘True North Made’

Three local businesswomen opened the new pop up store as a way to showcase handmade items such as candles, art, jewelry and much more.

“During the pandemic, I considered that a time to be creative and think outside the box,” said Jill-Anne Hachey, co-owner of True North Made. “Lynne from Country Cabin Candles & Soaps had the same idea as me, so we teamed up and reached out to a local owner of Tin Can Alley, because she has over 30 years of experience on how to run a store and now we are all together making this happen.”

The owners said they wanted the name of the store to reflect what the store has to offer.

“We wanted something that encompassed northern Ontario and handmade products or handcrafted products so we batted around and that’s how True North came about,” Lynne St-George, co-owner of True North Made.

All made in northern Ontario

True North Made offers handmade items from more than 40 makers from across northern Ontario.

“Jill-Anne started a ‘shop local’ hashtag and that’s really what it’s all about,” said Carolin Markiewich, co-owner of True North Made. "It's true north strong -- Sudbury, Timmins, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, makers from the whole area and we are here to promote their goods."

One Sudbury maker said she saw the new store posting online and decided to jump at the opportunity to sell her items in the store.

“I ran across True North Made on Facebook and they had an application form that I ended up filling out,” said Angele Verdonk, founder of Body Architecture Organics.

"Then I was contacted and brought in some samples. I love to take part in the community or local makers and show that organic skin care is available in the North."

The owners say they are always looking for more unique handcrafted products to carry in their store. The grand opening will be Aug. 29.