SUDBURY -- College students hoping to learn an Indigenous language soon will be able to look no further than Greater Sudbury’s Cambrian College.

School officials are looking at launching a new one-year general arts and science-Indigenous specialization certificate, giving studentsat Cambrian the ability to learn in Cree and Ojibwefor the first-time ever.

"It’s basically focusing on giving students an opportunity to develop a personal understanding of their own unique culture, heritage and language," said Janice Clarke, Cambrian College’s Dean of School of Justice, Community Services and General Studies.

"It’s something that we’ve actually been hearing from the community members, both locally and up the James Bay coast, as we’ve travelled and spoken to people," said Clarke. "The communities have really expressed an interest and desire into this kind of programming."

Courses will be offered at the collegeand the program components will also include core academic subjects, such as English and math.

Bradie Granger is one of the faces behind Cambrian’s new offering. An Indigenous woman herself, she’s excited about what this will mean for students studying in Sudbury.

CTV News spoke to her while she was touring the James Bay coast.

"It was designed in consultation with the communities, especially along the James Bay coast, who wanted an additional opportunity for students to be able to pursue post-secondary, but come through a pathway where they can explore their culture," said Granger. "The English and math courses will also provide opportunities for further development and to bring them up to a post-secondary level, including some transfer credits, which will lessen their course load once they hit further post-secondary studies."

Almost one-fifth of the students at Cambrian have some sort of Indigenous heritage.

Cambrian officials are hoping it will be well received.

"I think it’s going to have an impact locally. It’s going to benefit students. I think it’s going to benefit the college as well – you know to have this focus here and having more students coming to learn about their heritage and their language," said Clarke.

The new language programs are slated to start this September.