NORTH BAY -- When Nicholas Langlois and Morgan Belecque decided they wanted to open up a new food truck, they knew it had to only serve plant-based food options.

The couple held a soft opening this weekend of their new food truck 'Miso & Shiso' off of Gormanville Rd. opening alongside Gateway City Brewery.

"We're both vegan. Morgan has been a vegan for seven years," said Langlois.

"I've been a vegan for about three and half going on four."

The couple were both chefs at the Kabuki House Japanese Restaurant before it closed down due to a fire.

Seeing that North Bay was missing a place for Japanese food, the couple were inspired to open up their own vegan food truck.

"Not all vegan food is rice and salads and we wanted to open up something interesting and fun and present dynamic food," said Langlois.

The couple served roughly 160 people on a pop-up launch on Canada Day and almost 140 on their first 'official' soft launch on Saturday.

The couple are finding more customers are now switching to vegan options.

"Especially from North Bay," said Belecque.

"The burger and the dogs seem to be a real hit."

"After Coronavirus especially," added Langlois.

"With transmission from disease from livestock animals into humans and viruses making mutations, I think we're going to see a lot more plant-based opportunities."

Miso & Shiso isn't the first restaurant in North Bay to sell plant-based food.

The couple are close to the owner of the city's first vegan restaurant, North Star Diner, which started out as a food truck.

"Mel, the owner, was that pioneer for plant-based food and she's doing great, said Langlois.

"We want to pay homage to her for her hard work to pave the way."

Both Langlois and Belecque studied culinary at post-secondary school and they say they can't wait to share their food with their customers.

"Thank you very much North Bay for the support," said Langlois. "It's been overwhelming and heart-warming."

The couple are thinking about insulating their truck, so they can operate in the winter and get into online ordering soon.