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New community safety zones in North Bay


Lakeshore Drive at Booth Road and Olive Street at High Street by Cassellholme in North Bay will see speeds reduced – as two new community safety zones will be established.

City council approved the motion brought forward by city staff who said people in the community and the North Bay Police Service made requests that speeds be reduced.

The areas are Lakeshore Drive at Booth Road, by Omichl Sports Complex and Sunset Park School as well as at Olive and High Street by Casselholme.

The speeds will be reduced from 50km/h to 40km/h.

“Every school area is an existing community safety zone and that’s the same in every community,” said North Bay city councillor Chris Mayne.

“Casselholme as a long term care home wasn’t automatically included, but when you think about it – it makes a lot of sense to do it. Omischl is a park area with the adjacent Sunset School area, wasn’t automatically included but makes a lot of sense to do it.”

Mayne said it was fairly easy for council to approve the changes.

There are also temporary lights at the Lakeshore Drive and Booth Road intersection while construction goes on. Something councillor Lana Mitchell thinks is working well.

“You don’t want to slowly stop the traffic on lakeshore and back it up every couple of minutes, but if you have the lights where they can be triggered and let people cross I think that would make a huge difference,” she said.

“For anyone who has had their family with them trying to get to the bike path with the bikes, it’s nerve wracking until you get there. So I think anything we can do to support those opportunities for citizens are critical.”

Mitchell told CTV News she believes the new speed limits on Lakeshore will make an immediate difference.

“I reside there personally, so I can speak to it from daily experience, it actually amazes me how fast people drive on that section of Lakeshore Drive,” she said.

“By a school, by a sports complex, attached to the walking path, bicycle path, I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been reduced prior to this.”

Officials with the city told CTV News the new speed signs will be up soon. Top Stories

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