SUDBURY -- A born-and-raised Sudburian is out with a new Kickstarter campaign for a children's book based on a deep family tradition.

Written by author Caroline Long, Pax and the Perfect Christmas Tree tells the story of magical elf Pax and his friend Arden, who travel the world together on the search for the perfect pinecone.

The story is based on a family tradition dating back to her husband Jason's childhood.

"When my husband was younger, he would have this tradition where he would go out into the forest with his family and his two brothers and they would each pick a pinecone and they would plant the pinecone and they would go to bed," said Long. "So, of course, once the kids were in bed, his parents would swap the pinecones out for their Christmas tree."

Ever since discovering about the family tradition, it resonated deeply with the author.

"I remember when he told me the tradition I was absolutely just floored at just sort of the magic of it and what that would look like from a kid's perspective."

It's a tradition that has carried on in their household, becoming an annual highlight for their own daughter ever since she was just a year old. While she's a bit older now, she's far from tired of it.

"She still insists on planting that pinecone," said Long. "She still insists on going through that tradition and going through the story together before she goes to bed. It's such wonderful memories for us to have and I love the idea that she's going to carry it on herself."

Now, the former Sudburian is hoping to help other families build their own Christmas memories based off of the tradition.

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, supporters get a copy of the book as well as one to three pinecones to participate in the tradition themselves.

The book was illustrated by fellow former Sudburian Marc Lariviere.

Find more information on how you can participate here