TIMMINS -- It's National Ice Cream Day and according to Google Canada, search trends for the icy treat have spiked during the hot weather we've been experiencing this summer.

In Timmins, a fun way to celebrate the occasion is to of course eat it.

And the team at of the 68-year-old Pine Dairy Bar is ready to meet the demand. 

"We have a special ice cream machine that we're very lucky to have--one of the only ones in Canada ... and that's what we do to have the best ice cream available that Timmins could have," said Dany Pelletier, owner of the Pine Dairy Bar. 

With more than sixty-four flavours and an almost endless list of ingredient combinations, there is something to tantalize most taste buds at the eatery. 

"The flavour burst machine for the kids is so amazing...it's very hard to beat. The kids love them and that's what counts, make the kids happy and everyone happy and that's what we do."

Google Canada finds the most searched ice cream flavours this year are:  banana, vanilla, pistachio and even avocado. 

Topping the list of Canadian cities searching for ice cream is Markham, Ontario where nearby resident, Cathy Peters has been making her own ice cream for nearly twenty years. 

"I know what goes in it. I control the the level of fat, I control the level of sugar, and I control the flavour which is also really nice," she said. 

Google says homemade ice cream happens to be the second most searched type of ice cream. 

So when I use fresh mint out of my garden or I use sage--or my new one is going to be jalapeño, I hope--when I'm using ingredients that I know where they came from, I know how fresh they are, the flavours are that much better," Peters added.

In Timmins, people love their ice cream so much, the Pine Dairy Bar even serves it in the winter.