We all like to come up with unique gift ideas for loved ones.

But how about creating a music video?

That's exactly what one woman did for her father's 70th birthday.

It was all shot in the Temagami area, up Highway 11 from North Bay. 

Music teacher Heidi Korte loves to be creative with her lyrics, but this is the first time her father has been the star of one of her music videos, 'Ain't No Fishes.'

"This could work you know?  Dad and I canoe, and I could easily not catch anything, as per usual, and he's the patient one, and everything goes wrong in this song. And you know I'm usually the one in the canoe going 'can we play some music,'" said Korte.

The song 'Ain't No Fishes' is actually inspired by a Finnish song, but this version is paying homage to family memories and traditions on Pishabo Lake in Temagami.

Korte family tin can used for boiling water

"The little tin can in the fire, it has been in our family too long. It's just this stupid soup can that we have boiled water in on our camping trips forever, so most people wouldn't catch that detail, but that's just some sentimentality for our family," said Korte.


She now lives in Winnipeg, but visits her hometown of New Liskeard every summer.

For her father, Peter, the music video has been a trip down memory lane.

"There are good memories in that lake. The number of times I've took her there, and she took her friends after that," said Peter.

But are there really no fishes in the lake?

"At the last bit of this music video, I had to sing 'ain't no fishes in this lake,' and as I was looking down, I could see fish. So, we had to retake that," said Korte.

As for Peter, he says you won't catch him staring in anymore of Heidi's videos, but he will always be her number one fan, "it makes me emotional. I'm quite proud of my daughter."

More of Heidi Korte's music can be viewed on her YouTube page.