The City of Greater Sudbury says the electronic voting system is back up and voters can continue to cast their ballots online.

The system appears to be back up and running and City of Greater Sudbury city clerk Eric Labelle is assuring voters that ballots already cast will be counted and the integrity of the election is secure.

Polls will be open Tuesday, October 23rd from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., with most, but not all of the same physical polling places open during that time.

Locations are as follows:

Beaver Lake Sports & Cultural Centre, 45 Club Road, Worthington
Capreol Community Centre & Arena, 20 Meehan Avenue, Capreol
Carl A Nesbitt Public School, 1241 Roy Street, Sudbury
Caruso Club – Upper Hall, 385 Haig Street, Sudbury
Centennial Community Centre & Arena, 4333 Centennial Drive, Hanmer
Chelmsford Community Centre & Arena, 215 Edward Avenue, Chelmsford
Confederation Secondary School, 1918 Main Street,Val Caron
Cyril Varney Public School, 1545 Gary Avenue, Sudbury
Dowling Citizen Service Centre, 79 Main Street, West, Dowling
Dr. Edgar Leclair Community Centre & Arena, 158 St Agnes Street, Azilda
École Notre Dame de la Merci, 2 Edward Avenue, Coniston
École secondaire du Sacre Coeur, 261 Notre Dame Avenue, Sudbury
École secondaire Macdonald Cartier, 37 Lasalle Boulevard, Sudbury
Garson Community Centre & Arena, 100 Church Street, Garson
Holiday Inn, 1696 Regent Street, Sudbury
Levack Public School, 100 High Street, Levack
McClelland Community Centre & Arena, 37 Veterans Road, Copper Cliff
Pius XII Catholic Elementary School, 44 Third Avenue, Sudbury
Robert H. Murray Public School, 3 Henry Street, Whitefish
Skead Senior Citizens Club, 5 Bell Street, Skead
St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School, 2993 Algonquin Road, Sudbury
T.M. Davies Community Centre & Arena, 325 Anderson Drive, Lively

The city says residents at all long-term care facilities were able to vote before the system went down.

Adopting this online voting system was a decision of council and incumbent Mayor Brian Bigger, seeking re-election.

Bigger stopped short of taking any responsibility for what he called ‘a catastrophic failure,’ instead vowing to get to the bottom of it.


People are reporting huge furstrations tonight as the city of Greater Sudbury’s server has been experiencing major problems trying to accept electronic voting.

The city has shut things down and has announced there will be voting again on Tuesday from 10am to 8pm.

In Timmins, where it’s a hybrid voting system this year with electronic balloting as well as traditional paper ballots, there are problems as well.  Timmins has now announced polling stations will stay open an extra hour until 9pm.

Electronic voting issues have also been reported across the province, in cities like Peterborough, Kingston and Brantford.

City released statment:

2018 Election and Municipal Election Voting Period Extended

As a result of issues with the elections service provider, the City of Greater Sudbury Clerk has extended the voting period until 8 p.m. tomorrow evening, October 23. Under the Municipal Elections Act, the city clerk is authorized to declare an emergency to extend voting.

Electors will be able to vote online at www.intvoting.com/GreaterSudbury2018 from their own tablet, computer or smartphone. It is expected that all locations available today for voting will be available for in-person voting tomorrow from 10 a.m to 8 p.m. The details of these locations will be shared with the public as soon as possible.  Voting will remain open online overnight, if the election server issues are resolved by the provider.

No votes will be tabulated until the close of vote at 8 p.m. tomorrow.

We thank residents for their patience as we work to resolve this issue with the provider. Municipalities across the province are experiencing similar issues.