SUDBURY -- Over the past few weeks, glass companies have been busy replacing windows at multiple downtown businesses.

Officials with Downtown Sudbury feel that these break-ins are because of the pandemic.

"It's unfortunate that we have a couple break ins or some broken glass anyways, I guess there's less people downtown and now we been told we have to close businesses, we urge people to support what is open down here, that puts some feet on the street and some people downtown," said Brian McCullagh with Downtown Sudbury. 

Break and Enters in Downtown Sudbury

The Downtown Sudbury group is offering some tips for businesses during this difficult time.

"Make sure you have no cash in your business, leave your lights on at night, for employees that aren't suppose to be in, if you have fobs, deactivate the fobs, yourself you can drive around a little bit and just check on your business on a daily basis if you're not there during the day," said McCullagh.

The owner of a salon called Hair Central Sudbury said she is taking precautions after two businesses beside her have been broken into.

"I do have security cameras, we do empty our till regularly at night, we will be leaving the front lights on, and seeing that unfortunately due to COVID-19 I am forced to close tonight after midnight. I will be coming in regularly just to check in," said Lisa Comisso, the salon`s owner.

Comisso says she has seen a lot more police presence in the area over the past two weeks.