31-year-old Joseph Topping was reported missing January 8th.

Police discovered his body in a swampy, wooded area on the edge of Angel Lake February 14th and say a post mortem confirmed he was murdered, but are not releasing the cause of death.

 “The investigation is still ongoing at this time. We have the brought in additional resources to assist with the investigation. We have the Underwater Search and Recovery Unit. As well as Urban Search and Rescue Unit as well as the Foresnic Identification services.” Ontario Provincial Police Constable Phil Young.

Police say the terrain of the crime scene is challenging. Specialized officers have been brought in to search for evidence.

“Specializing in metal detection to underwater search or evidence of any nature. The area that we have here, it is a wooded area with water and there is snow on top of all that.” said Constable Young.

Investigators confirm Topping’s apartment is also a secured possible crime scene.

There is a trail from the building to the area where his body was found, a distance of about half a kilometre.

“We stress to the public, to please pass along any information that they think may be relevant to this case. No matter how big or small they think it might be, please forward it to us we will make the determination from there.” said Constable Young.

Investigators want to talk to anyone who had contact with Joseph Topping in early January.

Police confirm there has been no contact with him since he was reported missing.

CTV news contacted Topping's family, but they have asked for privacy.