On Thursday, a representative from Algoma Steel, Communications and Branding Manager Brenda Stenta, responded to CTV News' inquiries regarding its business dealings with Millenium Cranes.

"Further to our statement that we issued on Tuesday when this matter came to our attention, I can confirm that Millenium Crane has been removed from Algoma Steel's Approved Vendor List." said Stenta.


Sault Ste. Marie Mayor Christian Provenzano is promising action against some online posts by a local businessman.

Dave Selvers owns Millennium Crane Rentals on the Rankin Reserve.

He also runs his own blog, called "Sons of Slav's."

If you read his posts, you might be shocked.

The language is full of racist words and sayings used to describe people of different ethnicity, colour, and gender.

"I think it is very clearly hate speech." said Provenzano.

Selvers does business with numerous companies in Sault Ste. Marie.

Many in the community view the posts as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘an embarrassment to the city,’ while some places are choosing to no longer do business with him.

Alerted by a citizen, Algoma Steel this week offered this criticism:

"This has just come to our attention. Mr. Selver's stated views are in direct conflict with our company's core values. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment free from violence discrimination or harassment of any kind, this extends to our business partners."

Sault College, however, wasted no time in denouncing Selvers and in a tweet Wednesday:

And as for the city, it has not had business dealings with the man or his company since Mayor Provenzano has been in office.

"To my knowledge, I've been advised that at no time during my mayoralty has the city ever done any business with that specific company and certainly have no intention of doing business with that company going forward." said Provenzano.

CTV New has tried numerous times to contact Dave Selvers, but messages were not returned.

He has gone on the record with a local publication saying he has no faith in the media anymore and believes this is all blown out of proportion.