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Moose Factory holds a celebration more than 350 years in the making


The first season of the Cree year is Sikwan or 'early spring' and an opening ceremony marking the occasion in Moose Factory, Ont. earlier this month launched a year-long celebration.

It's called: 'More than 350 years in the making'.

People are celebrating that they are still here and that they still have their language and culture.

“Even though we through you know everything that that the rest of Canada went through with regards to Residential Schools and the 60s Scoop and all the fall out from that,” said Bernice Kapashesit, co-chair of the More Than 350 Years Committee.

“We just wanted to celebrate us as our ancestors would want us to," said Bernice Kapashesit, co-chair of the More Than 350 Committee.

Kapashesit said their parents hosted a similar event in 1973 for the 300th anniversary of Moose Factory – established as 'Moose Fort' in 1673.

Moose Factory is Canada's oldest continuous hub of Indigenous-European relations and a national historic site.

“The youth will learn more about their history and be proud of it,” said Kapashesit.

“I think the youth need some help in that as to who they are, where they come from, where do they belong."

More activities and gatherings will be planned throughout the year. Summer or Nipin will see a Creefest and a canoe brigade, followed by a Knowledge Keepers Conference in the fall.

Everyone is invited to attend any of the celebrations that will feature music, entertainment and feasts.

For more information on upcoming events that are part of the ‘More than 350 years in the making’ celebration, visit the Moose Cree First Nation and Moose River Heritage and Hospitality Association Facebook pages. Top Stories

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