The art project includes 12 sessions is funded by the federal government for seniors with intellectual disabilities.

It's also open to people of all ages to promote social interaction and inclusiveness.

“ Importantly building relationships of a place a belongings, relationships of mutuality, that people really feel that they are valued, that they are appreciated and that they have talents and gifts to share and we provide a form for that to happen”, said Jennifer Mccauley, L'arche Sudbury executive director

“ Like it a lot because i am a crafty girl myself, I colour i bead a lot at home, i love to do all that stuff”, said Danie Houle, an art project participant.

James Ilves says he enjoys the opportunity to be creative and it also gives him a chance to visit friends, meet new ones and talk politics.

“ I make a lot of friends, and i am happy to be here and uh, uh, i want a new president of the united states”, said James Ilves, an art project participant.

Ilves had the opportunity to speak with the mayor of Greater Sudbury who stopped by to visit and enjoy the colourful artwork.

“ It was a special day because they were producing some art that they hope to distribute throughout the community and todays project was all about welcome”, said Brian Bigger, Greater Sudbury Mayor

At the end of the program,  the artwork will be sold in the community to try and make this pilot project self- sustaining.