Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne is urging ‘meaningful progress’ on the much talked about Ring of Fire project.

In a letter penned by the premier to First Nation leaders, she said the leaders and the province have not achieved much of the progress on road and infrastructure development they hoped for and Wynne added she is prepared continue to advance discussions with those First Nations that would like to pursue transportation infrastructure, through our bilateral processes.

"On May 1, we discussed the need to continue the jurisdiction discussions and I was clear about our intention to do so, but these discussions need to continue in parallel to the RFA negotiations and in particular, progress on transportation infrastructure," reads the letter.

"My government announced $1B to support infrastructure into the Ring of Fire three years ago and if we are going to deliver on that we can delay no further. We should not squander the opportunity to build all-season roads and set the stage for future social and economic growth for communities that are supportive."

Included in this article is a full version of the premier’s letter, issued to the media on Friday. Check out the video above for a story about the Ring of Fire.