A man in the small community of Verner barricaded himself inside his home for 28 hours, before the standoff finally came to an end on Tuesday.

The situation was resolved Tuesday evening, when police arrested the man and a second person also inside the home.

Local resident Denis Philion said the past two days have been pretty bizarre.

"We were going out fishing and we had seen a lot of police vehicles passing us," he said.

Philion said to have this much law enforcement around is unusual.

“It's been pretty stressful. We are not used to seeing this around this area," he said.

The Verner man arrested in relation to the standoff is facing charges of possession of a dangerous weapon, careless use of a firearm and unsafe storage of a firearm.

The other person remains in custody and is being detained under a warrant from the Canadian Border Services agency. No names were released.

The OPP told CTV there was a police presence at a home on Highway 64 since 1 p.m. on Monday.

Police officials say officers were called in Monday to assist a process-server trying to serve papers to a residence.

West Nipissing Police officers were first on the scene and the accused was previously known to police.

"This was a civil process involving some individuals, pertaining to the ownership of the property," said West Nipissing Police Chief Chuck Seguin.

"Documents had to be presented to the gentleman in question."

Highway 64 between Piquette Road and Leclair Road was closed during the standoff.