SUDBURY -- Sudbury first responders are breathing a sigh of relief Friday morning after Junction Creek rescuers find two children safe and sound during search.

Sudbury's Deputy Fire Chief Jesse Oshell said they received a call around 8:45 a.m. Friday about someone potentially being in the water or trapped in the Junction Creek underground tunnel system near Hnatyshyn Park.

The park is near Ukrainian Seniors' Centre on Notre Dame Avenue.

"Upon arriving on scene, we spoke to an individual who claimed that her children were in the tunnel system and we sent out water rescue crews in the tunnel system and then spread out underneath. There are several offshoots and so we started exploring and searching them for anyone trapped or any individuals underneath there," Oshell said.

He described the water as being in good condition and ankle/shin deep.

"Police services were on scene and were able to determine that the children were located safely outside of the tunnel system," Oshell said. "We continued our search just in case."

Kaitlyn Dunn, a spokesperson for Greater Sudbury Police Service, told CTV News in an email the woman that made the emergency call was taken to hospital under the Mental Health Act following the incident.

"The woman believed that individuals were in the water which resulted in paramedics and fire services attending the scene, however, this was not the case as fire services cleared the creek," Dunn said.