TIMMINS -- A state of emergency has been declared in Timmins by Mayor George Pirie, who says the city is also considering implementing a curfew. 

This news comes as city and public health officials gather for the daily "health table" update at noon on Friday.

Mayor Pirie says the emergency declaration will ensure the volunteers that are set to deliver food to the city's vulnerable will have access to Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, should they need it. The food deliveries are scheduled to begin on Saturday.

"By declaring a State of Emergency I want the community to understand that we are acting in their best interests, and to also ensure that operations within the municipality will continue to run smoothly," said Mayor Pirie. "Our Municipal Emergency Control Group is taking the best course of action to protect our most vulnerable citizens."

The mayor also says through the emergency declaration the city hopes to raise public awareness regarding the gravity of the current pandemic situation and to ensure the city can quickly respond to other unforeseen events should they arise. 

"Our emergency declaration was necessary based on the evaluation of the Emergency Control Group and will further aid the City of Timmins as we work with our community partners across public health and in government to coordinate emergency response efforts," said Timmins Fire Chief and Emergency Management Program Coordinator Tom Laughren. 

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