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Timmins Chamber of Commerce offers free rapid antigen screening kits for COVID-19


The Timmins Chamber of Commerce is once again offering free rapid antigen screening kits to businesses and organizations in the region.

The Chamber is accepting applications for first time orders and refills from employers who oversee less than one-hundred and fifty employees.

During the pandemic, the Chamber has handed out thousands of the kits.

"So for Timmins, one-hundred thousand tests were distributed to five-hundred businesses in the Timmins area. It’s a federal and provincial partnership," said Dan Ayotte, incoming president of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce.

Centre Culturel La Ronde is pleased it has access to the screening kits, especially since it's moving to a new location at Timmins Square before it can call its new building it's constructing home.

“And it’s important because we’re going to be in a more high traffic area, which we’re very excited. We’re temporarily moving until we move into the new building. So it ensures that our staff is protected so if there’s any symptoms or signs that they have a cold or anything we do in our policy request them to take a COVID test," said Lisa Bertrand, executive director of Centre Culturel La Ronde.

A drive-up style pickup of the screening kits will take place Aug. 10 in the parking lot on Cedar Street South, next to the Gurdwara Sikh Sangat of Timmins. Top Stories


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