SUDBURY -- In the early morning of June 6, a Glencore contracted tanker spilled sulfuric acid across highway 17 resulting in road closures in the Garson, Falconbridge area.

The spill resulted in the closure of the highway 17 bypass, from highway's east end and Garson, Coniston Road to Falconbridge.  Some roadways in the Falconbridge area may also experience traffic disruptions.

Greater Sudbury Police and Fire Services say there is no danger to the public but were advising residents who live in the area to avoid touching or driving over any liquid found on or abutting the roadway.


"Road closures will remain in effect while inspections are completed and any required cleanup occurs. This work is expected to continue overnight," said a city official in statement early Saturday morning.

"Greater Sudbury Fire Services is working closely with partners at the Greater Sudbury Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police and Glencore in response to this incident."

In response to CTV News' request for comment, Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations Human Resources - Senior Communications Specialist, Iyo Grenon,  issued this statement:

"This is to confirm that at approximately 4:30 pm yesterday a contractor tanker truck containing sulphuric acid left the Glencore Smelter in Falconbridge.

As the truck travelled, small amounts of acid leaked from the tank and created intermittent patches of acid along the roadways.

This included Falconbridge Road, the Garson-Coniston Road, Highway 17 and the South-East Bypass. The Ministry of Environment, City of Sudbury and Sudbury Police have been notified.

Glencore teams are currently assisting the trucking company with the clean-up. Roadways closed due to the spill have now been reopened."