SUDBURY – It's the season of giving and for one Sudbury senior that meant donating her hair to help make wigs for cancer patients.

It's an act of kindness that has been a year in the making.

Joanne Deveau told the team at Community Living Greater Sudbury that she wanted to do something to help people who are sick. That's when it was suggested that she try growing her hair so that she could donate it to be used for a wig for a cancer patient.

"It's such a wonderful feeling and it's so reflective of our values. I mean we support people with developmental disabilities and to see one of the people we support wanting to give back to the community… it speaks so loudly to what we do and why we're here all day," said Viviane Lapointe, Community Living Greater Sudbury.

Deveau donated at the College Boreal Hairstyling Salon.

Student Maddison Loiselle had the privilege of doing the honours which made the moment extra special as they have known each other for a long time.

"She's a special person. She's so sweet and so loving and being able to do this for her today is an amazing opportunity," expressed Loiselle.

As an inspiring hairstylist, she says she sees first-hand the impact Deveau's donation will have.

"So many reasons why people would lose their hair and sometimes having hair and not having hair could be the fine line between someone feeling beautiful and someone feeling confident in themselves. So being able to donate and giving people a chance to have that, it's just so amazing," she continued.

Deveau donated nine inches and Loiselle says she thinks that should be enough to create a wig.