SUDBURY -- A third week of Sudbury school bus cancellations announced as driver shortage continues.

Sudbury Student Services Consortium said 14 school bus routes will not be running next week, in a news release Friday morning.

"COVID-19 has greatly impacted one local school bus operator, as many of their drivers have decided not to return behind the wheel," said Renee Boucher, the consortium's executive director.

This is down from the 25 routes that were cancelled just days before the school year began.

Boucher said her team is working closely with school bus operators to find solutions and continue recruiting efforts.

Here are the routes that are cancelled for Sept. 21 – 25:

Route # - Time - Schools

  • L011- AM Sacre Coeur/Sudbury Secondary/Marymount/College Notre-Dame/Lansdowne/St. David
  • L011- PM St. Charles College/St. David/Lansdowne
  • L013 - AM St. Charles College/Lasalle Secondary/Felix Ricard
  • L013 - PM St. Benedict/Jeanne Sauve
  • L016 - AM Lasalle Secondary/Carl Nesbitt/Ernie Checkeris
  • L016 - PM St. Charles College/Holy Trinity
  • L115 - AM Lasalle Secondary/Jean Ethier Blais/Holy Trinity
  • L115 - PM Macdonald Cartier/Sacre Coeur/Holy Cross
  • L118 - AM Lasalle Secondary/Lansdowne/St. Joseph/St. David
  • L118 - PM St. Benedict/R.L. Beattie
  • L137 - AM Marymount/College Notre-Dame/Sudbury Secondary/Macdonald Cartier/Jean Ethier Blais/Holy Trinity
  • L137 - PM Macdonald Cartier/Sacre Coeur/Holy Cross/Algonquin/R.L. Beattie
  • L371 - AM CVDCS/Lively Secondary/Walden/St. Paul/St. James
  • L371 - PM Champlain/CVDCS/Larchwood/St. Etienne
  • L377 - AM Secondary Feeder to Larchwood/St. Etienne/Larchwood
  • L377 - PM CVDCS/Chelmsford/St Charles/Pavillon De L'avenir
  • L500 - AM St. Paul/ Walden/ St. James/Lively Secondary
  • L500 - PM St. Paul/ Walden/ St. James/Lively Secondary/ St. James 7 & 8
  • L815 - AM St. Benedict/Helene Gravel/St. Denis
  • L815 - PM Lo-Ellen/R.L. Beattie
  • L821 - AM Lo-Ellen/Lockerby/Macleod
  • L821 - PM Marymount/College Notre-Dame/Sudbury Secondary/Macleod
  • L860 - AM St. Benedict/Macleod/St. Denis
  • L860 - PM Lively Secondary / St. James 7 & 8/St Paul/ Walden/St. James
  • L863 - AM St. Paul/ Walden/ St. James
  • L863 - PM St. Benedict/St Paul/ St James/ Walden
  • L871 - AM Lively Secondary/St. Paul/ St. James/ Walden
  • L871 - PM Lively Secondary/St. Paul/ St. James/ Walden

Anyone interested in becoming a school bus driver should contact Leuschen Transportation at 705-674-0708.