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Sudbury's COVID assessment centre returns to familiar spot


HSN's COVID-19 clinical assessment centre is in the process of moving from Regent Street to Walford Road.

It's a facility they're very familiar with, having initially set up shop at the back of Health Sciences North's Research Institute.

Nicole Sykes, manager of trauma services and centre for pre-hospital care, said COVID testing is no longer their focus, but caring for people who may have COVID along with other ailments.

“Those are the people we're looking for to test to confirm their COVID-19 status and offer early treatment to prevent that progression to severe disease," said Sykes.

“Sometimes those symptoms are more consistent with allergies or cold-like symptoms but we'd like to confirm their status and offer treatments before it becomes more serious.”

Treatments must be taken within the first five to seven days of symptom onset, depending on the treatment.

Health officials said we're at a very different place now compared to when the testing centre first opened. Vaccines and boosters and have made a difference.

They want people to be aware that they are an option for those at risk and they're there to help people navigate through the illness.

It's a full-circle moment for staff returning to the building.

"I was redeployed here within the first couple of days of it opening with the intent of staying here for six weeks and three years later here we are, back at home," said Tara Dusick, clinic coordinator.

The big move also comes amid news that the hospital, for the first time since the pandemic, had zero patients admitted with COVID-19. Top Stories

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