It's a Friday afternoon that some upper managers at Sudbury’s hospital won’t soon forget.

Five senior administrators, with combined earnings of over $800-thousand, at Health Sciences North were let go Friday in a giant cost-cutting measure.

Positions that have been eliminated are:

  • Vice-President, Process Improvement, Quality & Patient Safety
  • Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer
  • Associate Vice-President, Medical Affairs
  • Associate Vice-President, Acute Care
  • Chief, Communications and Community Engagement

The hospital CEO, Dominic Giroux, says the decision to make changes to the leadership team is the product of over 300 unit meetings.

“These changes were difficult but necessary. Every member of Senior Management, except the Chief of Staff, is seeing some change either in his or her supervisor, direct reports, job title or employment status. I know change can be challenging, but change and evolution are crucial to HSN’s success. At the end of the day, we are in the business of providing the best health care possible and that is where we need to place our focus.” says Giroux.