SUDBURY -- A group of Laurentian University business students say they have the solution to the unpleasant odours that come from your compost.

They created a new product as part of a school project, and it got so many rave reviews they've decided to market the idea. It's called 'Green T' and it looks like a teabag. It's designed to hang in a person's composting or organics bin.

"Green T is a product that is designed to promote composting," said business student Zackary Jordan. "It specifically takes care of the bad smells and pests that come with composting."

The tea bag is designed to hang in a bin and consumes the foul odours. The students say their market research has found it also deters such things as mice.

"Basically, we came up with a few ideas of what our product would look like," said business student Andrea Renelli. "But the one that would make it easiest to use was a teabag approach, as you don't even have to touch the teabag. You just have to touch the string on the side and just drop it right in the compost."

"Personally I'm a pretty big environmentalist, I believe we all could do a little more to help save the Earth and this is just a way that I can help to my share," said business student Jacob King.

Sudbury and beyond

The three students are part of a larger group behind the idea. They plan to produce it, market it and sell it to consumers in both Sudbury and beyond. They also have plans to approach local retailers to see if they'll carry the product.

"We're just trying to get it out there, really," Renelli said. "We're hoping that it does take off as we're hoping we can help the compost industry and the compost push, more than just in Sudbury. But to start, we're hoping we can reach many stores in Sudbury."

The group's professor, Michelle Munro, said she couldn't be any prouder of the group, who decided to go above and beyond what was required of them in their curriculum.

"I've done a lot of projects with a lot of students over the last 14 years and this is one of the only ones they've taken to market before graduating, definitely the only one before graduation," said Munro.

The group is hoping their product will take off and help others to get into composing their own organics.

They're hoping to take the business world by storm with this idea, saving the environment, one teabag at a time.