Hunting season is almost upon us and people will be out across the north with their bows and shotguns, sitting in tree stands, and working their way through the bush.

Ontario Provincial Police say safety is key during the hunting season. 

Officers will be patrolling the trails to check for the normal infractions they see every year.  

Hunters are already in the bush, looking for geese and other water fowl.   Ducks and grouse can be hunted as of Saturday, and soon it'll be deer and moose.

Local hunting and outdoors stores in North Bay are seeing gear fly off the shelves.

Neil Champion is the sporting goods manager at Canadian Tire in North Bay.

"Traffic in my hunting aisles has been really good this year. We cover everything from ammunition and firearms to clothing." said Champion.

The OPP say keeping safety in mind when out in the bush and having a backup plan could make a difference between life and death.

"Hunters should be planning. If they are hunting in a certain area, let someone know where you are hunting and where you're expected out. If you have your cell phone with you and plans change, certainly let someone know." said OPP Sergeant Carol Berardi.

Police say they are seeing the same problems over and over again around hunting season.

"People carrying loaded firearms in their vehicles, ATV drivers not wearing helmets, and alcohol use while out in the woods.” said Berardi.

Police are advising people to hunt with a partner, always wear the bright orange vests, and to have the right gear depending on weather conditions.

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