SUDBURY -- With frequent bus route cancellations so far this school year, a Grade 10 student at St. Charles College in Greater Sudbury has managed to find new ways to get him to and from school

Griffin Whorley’s bus has been cancelled since the onset of school, so he has been riding his bike daily.

"When the bike suffered a flat this week and required a shop tune up, the choice was either to walk or find a new alternative," said Anastasia Rioux, St. Charle's vice-principal, in an email to CTV News.

Griffin is now on Day 2 of pedaling his go kart to school.

"He dusted it off in the shed earlier this week," Rioux said. "It was an old gift from his grandpa from when he was about five years old."

"He parks it and locks it at the bike lock-up, which is a sight to see," she added.

"Not to worry – Griffin does wear a helmet. These pictures were just quick poses before he set off for home after a hard day's work."