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North Bay suspends COVID-19 vaccine policy


Those employed by the city of North Bay no longer have to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

City council passed a motion Tuesday evening, approving the suspension of the city of North Bay's employee vaccination policy.

The policy had been in place since October 2021. Since then, 12 city employees have been terminated for not complying with the policy.

With the current COVID-19 policies in place in the province and country, North Bay's mayor told CTV News it was time to drop the mandatory vaccination policy.

"We're satisfied, and after discussing with health professionals and HR it is the time, it's the time to relax that policy," said Chirico.

"We've suspended it, if we happen to go back into another public health emergency that Health Canada or the province announces, we will revisit that policy once again."

Though it is not the same across the region.

City officials with both Greater Sudbury and Timmins told CTV News those cities still require staff to have two doses of recognized COVID-19 vaccines. Top Stories

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