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North Bay mayor says council can't fund every organization, budget deliberations underway


Public deliberations for the City of North Bay's 2023 budget are underway.

Meetings began last week with a proposed levy increase of 5.77 per cent compared to last year.

This represents an increase of $5.8 million to nearly $107 million over last year’s operating levy of $101 million.

"There's going to be more changes as we go through the budget," said Mayor Peter Chirico.

"That's an initial starting point and council is engaged into this process."

A few local groups have presented to council requesting it provide financial assistance to help them operate, but there isn’t enough support from council members to meet these requests.

Chirico said council has to make it very clear it is not able to offer salaries to fund outside organizations.

“These groups we have been talking to, we’re going to try and connect them to agencies and funding partners that may be able to help them out on that," said Chirico.

"But unfortunately, the City of North Bay is not a social service agency.”

Chirico said he would be satisfied if the levy increase falls somewhere in the 3 per cent range.

Budget deliberations will continue Monday.

More information on the budget plans can be found on the city’s website. Top Stories

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