Some people in Timmins are ready to move forward on a project that the city has been working on for the past three years; a multi-million dollar pool and multi-use facility.

There are not many waves in the pool at the Archie Dillon Sportsplex right now.

At least two Timmins city councillors don't want to build a new facility at this time. Rick Dubeau is one of them.

"Why are (we) tearing down a perfectly good multi-million dollar building? If you want to do something let's renovate," said Dubeau.

However, other councillors and the mayor say now is the time.

Councillor Noella Rinaldo said a new pool and racquet sport facility is an investment in the future of Timmins.

"This is a way of attracting people to the City of Timmins and keeping them here," said Noella Rinaldo, city councillor.

"I believe it's very important that as a city we invest in the future and this is a way of us doing it."

Cochrane is experiencing firsthand what a multi-generational pool does for its community.

In fact, Mayor Peter Politis said 75% of weekend users at the town's pool are from throughout the region and most of them he says are from Timmins.

"It's one of the newest in the north and in this region," said Politis.

 "You'll find things like palm trees. You'll find a whirlpool. You'll find a huge water slide for kids, an Olympic size pool."

The Timmins YMCA takes over 200 swimmers every year to the Cochrane Pool.

"You can have all ages in there," said Wayne Bozzer, Timmins YMCA general manager.

"For childcare, no workers would be able to go in the pool here whereas there, staff can go in and parents can go in. There are low water areas and little play areas."

Timmins council will vote next week on whether to go ahead and spend about $1.3 million dollars for phases one and two of design and preparation work. That would be to have it construction ready in 2018.