The Royal Canadian Mint has a new commemorative coin out that celebrates what it calls 50 years of progress for lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, and two-spirited Canadians. 

An "equality" loonie was officially unveiled at an event in the heart of Toronto's Gay Village and begins its circulation Tuesday, April 23. 

It marks parliament's passing of legislation in 1969 that initiated the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

However, not all in the LGBTQ2 community are in support. 

A group opposed to the coin says the message behind the loonie's release falsely suggests equality has been achieved thanks to the actions of the government.

While federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau says there is more work to be done to advance equality for LGBTQ2 Canadians, the government will continue to listen and make improvements.

Some hope the coin will spark positive conversation about the struggles people of the community still face.

CTV News reached out to Fierté Sudbury Pride who had this to say:

“Celebrating 50 years of the decriminalization of LGBTQ2+ relationships is Canada is an important step. However, it completely erases Indigenous histories, where more than two genders and one type of relationship have been recognized for centuries. It also ignores current issues facing LGBTQ2+ people today, such as high rates of poverty, higher suicide rates, increased risk of violence, and their erasure from Ontario's sex education curriculum. This is a token gesture; what's needed is continued change.” said Dr. Laurel O'Gorman, of Fierté Sudbury Pride.