SUDBURY -- There are a total of 17 programs across 13 departments being suspended at Laurentian University. Officials say this is the result of low enrolment over several years.

“We know that many actually applied to more than one program at Laurentian and the deans and the deans offices in each of the faculties are following each and every one of the students to provide them with the education experience they want at the university,” said Robert Haché, President of Laurentian University.

Haché says roughly 50 students are affected and it’s only those that were starting this fall. The school says it’s looking to accommodate all students being affected.

The Laurentian University Faculty Association says it’s fighting against the decision.

“This is illegal, it’s contrary to the Laurentian University act,” says Jean-Charles Cachon, Secretary and treasurer of the Laurentian University Faculty Association. “The Canadian Association of University teachers which is our national body is involved in fact in the court challenge because it’s totally unprecedented in universities.”

Faculty association lawyers are currently looking into a date for the hearing.

Cachon says this announcement should have come much sooner.

“I don’t really understand what’s the meaning of this almost four weeks before the opening of the what it’s very strange. It’s a bizarre situation,” says Cachon.

Haché says a wide range of programs are being suspended.

- Études de l’environnement/Environnement durable

- Mathématiques

- Music

- Modern languages

- Théâtre (FR)

- Geography (EN/FR)

- Archaeology

- BAA en Resources humaines (FR)

- BBA in International Management (EN)

- BBA in Entrepreneurship (EN)

- Outdoor Adventure Leadership (FR)

- Kinésie humaine (Maitrise) (FR)

- Anthropology

School officials say there needs to be a conversation about the long term future of these and other programs at the university.