NORTH BAY -- With age comes wisdom.

This is certainly true for a 77-year-old Sturgeon Falls woman, Anita Restoule, who finally earned her General Education Development (GED) certificate.

After 62 years, she can now say she has completed high-school.

"Don't let age stop you, it's only a number," said Restoule.

Restoule dropped out of high school partway through Grade 10 in 1958 to pursue a full-time job at a grocery store.

"I always regretted not finishing my education and it was always in the back of my mind when my kids graduated," said Restoule.

Determined to achieve this goal, Restoule teamed up with her granddaughter to find a place to register and study for a GED diploma.

She initially tried in Sturgeon Falls, but due to an age limit, could not join.

"I wanted to continue and do more studies," said Restoule.

They then found the Laurentian Learning Centre in North Bay.

Restoule studied English, mathematics, science and geography.

Now, she's a 2020 graduate, also picking up very high marks in English.

"My mark was 98 per cent in english," chuckled Restoule. "They said they couldn't give me a perfect mark."

Restoule's daughter, Pat Thibeault, says she's so proud of her mom and highlights her work ethic.

"I'm totally thrilled for her," said Thibeault. "It was a bucket list item for her and she stressed but worked hard. She said it was easy, but she worked hard."

As for what's next on her bucket list, Restoule wants to learn the piano, saying it's never too old to chase your dreams.