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As financial crisis ends, Laurentian resumes giving out bursaries, scholarships

A Sudbury father says he is thankful a bursary set up in his daughter's memory has been reinstated at Laurentian University.

"It's a good day and we're happy to move forward," said Alex McCauley.

McCauley's daughter, Karen, passed away at the age of 50. He describes his daughter as a natural academic with a passion for social work.

"She lived and breathed the university and the academic setting, and was very good in her profession," McCauley said.

She worked at Laurentian University and on the day she passed in September 2018, she was set to take over as director of the social work department.

The family set up a bursary in her name at Laurentian, which was awarded to a social work student. But when the university went through insolvency, millions of dollars in scholarships and bursaries were frozen.

McCauley said his family was left in the dark during the process.

"It was pretty heartbreaking for us and for our friends," he said.

"It was in Karen's name and it was something that was dear to us and it held a special place because that university was a special place for her."

McCauley, former Sudbury police chief, is an alumnus of the university and his daughter and granddaughter both graduated from there.

When he got the news that the bursary was being restored, he was ecstatic.

"We're turning the page and this money's coming back," McCauley said.

He said the bursary, totalling $27,000, was returned in full.

McCauley's daughter, Karen, passed away at the age of 50. He describes his daughter as a natural academic with a passion for social work. (Supplied)

In a statement to CTV News, Laurentian University said scholarship and bursary restrictions put in place during Laurentian's insolvency period have since been lifted.

"We are happy to again be awarding funds to students from the interest on the endowment," the statement read.

Curtis Radey, manager of student awards, fees and My Laurentian app, said the university will be offering millions in bursaries and scholarships for the fall/winter semester.

"The board did approve $7.5 million in scholarships and bursaries to help students this upcoming year," Radey said.

McCauley said he was happy to hear that a third-year social work student had received the Karen McCauley Memorial Bursary last semester.

He said his family can now move forward and is focusing on the positive.

"The university means a lot to us and especially anything to do with that university that bears Karen's name is important to us. It’s a memory." Top Stories


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