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Mobile wellness clinic in Sudbury for pet owners without access to a veterinarian

A new mobile service in the Greater Sudbury area is helping people who aren’t able to take their pets to a local vet.

The SPCA has partnered with Greater Sudbury Animal Services to offer mobile clinics and more access to spay and neuters for cats.

The SPCA Mobile Wellness unit is parked at O'Connor Park this week for pet owners who pre-book appointments to have their pet seen by a veterinarian.

"Our goal is to support local communities and work with veterinarians and just see if we can just take the pressure off the system a little bit to remove some of those barriers to care," said Dr. Julia Hughes, a veterinarian.

“Whether they are financial constraints geographical constraints or any other barriers that families may have.”

The city is partnering with the SPCA on the pet mobile wellness services. The unit is parked at the Capreol Fire Station where it offers spay and neuter services for cats through pre-booked appointments.

Dr. Julia Hughes is a veterinarian with the SPCA mobile unit currently operating in Sudbury. (Alana Everson/CTV News)

The city also provides staffing, booking information and spaces for the mobile clinics.

"Bottom line is contributing to pet owners who either don't have the means to pay for a regular vet check or wellness check and spays and neuters," said Melissa Laalo, the city’s bylaw coordinator.

“As well as promoting animal wellness in the community vaccinations against disease that are transmissible in the community, such as parvo, which unfortunately can be transmitted within our parks and dog parks.”

The travelling mobile clinics also provide end-of-life care when necessary and requested by the family. There are some costs involved for the services at the clinic.

"Our services are open to families that are receiving government subsidies, folks with Indigenous status cards or families that are just really struggling to find a family veterinarian,” Hughes said.

“It's a huge challenge right now across the province across the country really veterinarian shortages.”

Officials with the SPCA said the mobile unit will be in Greater Sudbury until the end of 2023 and mobile wellness clinics will be held in various communities.

Pet owners can get more information through the SPCA website or by calling the city at 311. Top Stories

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