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Many Timmins police officers have signed up for retention bonuses: $1.8M worth


The chair of the Timmins Police Services Board said recruitment and retention efforts have never been better.

Kraymr Grenke told CTV News that it could be due to the financial incentives that are being offered to new hires and to those who commit to stay with the organization.

However, at a recent Timmins City Council meeting, Councillor John Curley said he was shocked to find out how many officers signed up for the retention bonus.

Out of 80 officers, 60 of them have signed on and they will receive it after fulfilling their three-year commitment.

“That’s a huge high number," said Curley.

"I might have expected a dozen – so what happens in three years. Is the sixty of them leaving? Or do we have to come with more money to retain them even longer?"

Grenke said he is not surprised by the number but he cannot speculate what the board will decide to do three years from now.

“So to have that many officers say you know we are committed to the Timmins Police Service is great news in our world as we look to plan for the future.”

Grenke said there are officers nearing retirement and the board wants to hold on to as many as possible.

The retention bonus for the 60 officers at $30,000 each adds up to $1.8 million – Grenke told CTV News that the amount is already accounted for in the Timmins Police Services Board’s budget.

He said the endeavour will help to stabilize staffing levels over the next three years.

Grenke also said new initiatives soon to get underway should also help residents see more officers out on patrol more often.

“One of the things we’re doing is in car, it’s called a mobile data terminal where an officer, instead of being in the report room or being at the front office at Northern College can actually position them self in a section of the community and do the report there," he said.

He expects the mobile terminals to be installed sometime in the new year. Top Stories

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