SUDBURY -- This March Break, many will be hitting the snowmobile trails to enjoy some outdoor recreation and the scenery in northern Ontario.

This season has been a good one for the Sudbury Trail Plan and officials say conditions look good for the beginning of March Break for people to still get out and enjoy.

Officials say there is limited availability out on the trails.

"The conditions here in the Sudbury area are available, for the most part. I would advise people to check our interactive trail guide for the latest information. We are out checking the trials after this weather and things can change rapidly in March," said Murray Baker, president of the Sudbury Trail Plan.

Baker says the sale of trail passes in District 12 is above average this year. 7,000 have been sold, up 1,000 passes over the seasonal average. 

"The Sudbury Trail Plan, which is Sudbury to Manitoulin Island, is about 2,000 km of trails. We suspect by the end of the weekend about half will still be available for riders, going in all directions. Ice is good, but again, it’s something that changes daily," said Baker.

The trail plan president says riders need to check the conditions daily because the snow and ice pack is thinner this year than most.

"March break is always iffy for us. We try to be open and available to give more options for people to do during that week, but it doesn’t always happen. But it looks like we will be able to get the early part of March, not the three-week March Break now," said Baker.

He says grooming efforts on area trails will continue as long as Mother Nature cooperates.